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CM-8WH Megaphone
CM-15 Megaphone
CM-20 Megaphone
CM-25 Megaphone
CM-45 Megaphone
CM-WB Megaphone

CM-45 Megaphone User's Guide
  • 45 watts
  • 1500Yards Range
  • Detachable Microphone
  • Siren Alarm Switch
  • Volume Control
  • Strong ABS Eng. Plastic
  • needs 8 C size batteries
  • Bell Diameter: 12", Length: 17"
  • with batteries weight 4 lbs



* Turn down the volume before switching on the power for Siren or Talk.
* Never point the megaphone toward people at a close distance.
* Take out the batteries when the megaphone is not in use.
* Store the megaphone and batteries in a cool and dry environment.


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